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#Klimastreik am 20. September: Zusammen mit Fridays for Future auf die Straße!

Act now: Stop coal, protect the climate!

Let’s take to the streets with Fridays for Future!

The Coronavirus crisis is not the only unprecedented challenge we are currently facing. Now more than ever, the climate crisis is making itself felt. Forests are dying due to drought, the whole of Europe is paralysed by heatwaves, and millions of people in the Global South are losing their livelihoods as a result of droughts, storms, and floods. Even the Arctic has reached a record temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. Our response to both crises is the same – the German government must listen to the science and finally take decisive action.

This autumn, the federal government will have a good opportunity to do exactly this, when the EU Summit in October decides on European climate targets in order to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement. Germany holds the Presidency and therefore has a responsibility to push EU Member States to agree to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by at least 65%. We recognise that making real progress in this regard is challenging. But this is the only way we can play our part in ensuring that global warming does not exceed the critical 1.5-degree threshold. Beyond this threshold, the climate crisis will become catastrophic and begins to intensify by itself. The climate crisis is already exacerbating injustices and those who have contributed the least to global warming, especially in the Global South, are hit hardest.

The federal government must do its homework because with the current lack of progress in the expansion of renewable energy and the coal phase-out, Germany will not stay in line with the 1.5-degree limit before 2038. With countless protests we’ve shown that the grand coalition's coal law does not resolve the conflict over coal. Whoever wants our votes in the Bundestag elections next year will need to phase out coal by 2030 at the latest. We will not stand back and allow people to continue to lose their homes because of coal, whether in the villages in the Rhineland, in the Lausitz region, or anywhere in the world. A real transition requires a massive expansion of renewable energy now, to at least 75% by 2030.

Thanks to the Coronavirus recovery package, the federal government has a significant amount of money at its disposal. But instead of government bail-outs for climate-damaging industries, we need to see a full-scale transformation of the  economy with climate action and social justice as  the cornerstones of all investments. The challenges of introducing new climate policies create an opportunity to rethink social issues and thereby create a better quality of life for everyone. We want a welfare state based on solidarity in which electricity, housing, food, and transport are climate-friendly and affordable for all!

On Friday 25 September, climate activists, environmental groups and NGOs will be taking to the streets across the world to demand stronger EU climate targets, a coal phase-out by 2030 and a socio-ecological transformation. We will be protesting wearing masks and abiding by the social distancing measures in place. Together we will stand with Fridays for Future and support their worldwide day of action. The students' protest and their demands are crucial in the fight to stop global warming.

Join us for a future without a climate crisis!