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Join the Fridays for Future climate strike on 15 September 2023

Forest fires, water shortages, drought: humanity finds itself in the midst of a climate crisis. This summer, the crisis is affecting all of us right on our doorsteps - and those with limited means are being hit the hardest. But instead of safeguarding us from the climate crisis, the self-proclaimed ‘climate chancellor’, Olaf Scholz (SPD), intends to undermine one of the most important climate protection mechanisms: the Climate Protection Act. In fact, he is allowing the FDP party to delay and block effective climate protection. And while the coalition government is preoccupied with itself, Bild & Co., aided by the CDU/CSU, are trying to further divide society,  sowing fears about the urgently needed climate protection measures.

We cannot allow the blockers and fearmongers to lead this fight. After the summer break, the government must finally make progress. And in recent years, we have only made progress on climate protection when hundreds of thousands of people have urged the government on. For this reason we will join Fridays for Future on Friday the 15th of September to take to the streets in a nationwide climate strike. In hundreds of places, people of all ages and from diverse parts of our society will come together to protest, demanding policies that integrate climate protection with greater social justice, and that embrace and consistently fulfill their global responsibility.

We demand that the Federal Government …

  • strengthens the Climate Protection Act by providing binding targets for each sector, specifying the amount of CO2 that must be saved annually.
  • phases out coal, gas and oil more quickly. Simultaneously, much more effort is  needed to save energy and to convert to emission-free energy sources. Fossil resources must not be further exploited worldwide, fossil projects abroad must not be further promoted.
  • implements a fundamental mobility turnaround. Instead of investing billions in more motorways, the government must prioritise creating better alternatives to cars, including an appealing bus and rail service, and a secure cycling infrastructure, both in urban and rural areas. This should also encompass a nationwide SozialTicket for public transport to ensure mobility for everyone. Additionally, there should be an end to climate-damaging subsidies such as the unfair company car privilege, and the implementation of a speed limit.
  • alleviates the burden on low-income individuals with the promised climate bonus. Additionally, high CO2 prices, taxes on fossil fuel profits, and appropriately taxing extreme wealth would further a fair distribution of the burden. Beyond fairness, this would promote social justice and serve as a crucial tool to counter the emergence of radical right-wing ideologies.
  • increases its support to countries of the Global South, which bear the brunt of global warming, to help them effectively combat the climate crisis. Germany must take responsibility for its role in global warming and promptly allocate funds to address the damage inflicted by the climate crisis on the Global South.

We demand a government that adheres to the climate targets to which it is committed. We can achieve this if we all - young and old - take to the streets together. Join us on Friday 15 September in your local area and become part of the Fridays for Future global climate strike.




© Björn Obmann / BUNDJugend Berlin