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#Klimastreik am 20. September: Zusammen mit Fridays for Future auf die Straße!

Climate strike on March 25th 2022

Together on the streets with Fridays for Future

This climate strike will be taking place while a war is being fought in the middle of Europe. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are suffering first and foremost under the attack by Putin and his Russian leadership. And we stand in solidarity with Russian civil society, which is advocating for peace. In these times, it has become painfully clear that fossil energy is not only ruining the climate but fuelling wars, too. This shows us how dangerous our dependence on fossil fuels truly is. While the German Federal Government and the European Union have issued sanctions against Russia - the European Union still pays 600 million Euro to Russia every day. We have to end this hypocrisy immediately and switch to 100% renewable energies.

Going back to coal or nuclear power would only intensify the climate crisis and interfere with the energy transition. The rally against the climate crisis cannot wait for more peaceful times. On the contrary, the most recent report of the IPCC shows that the dramatically increasing acceleration of global warming is threatening to intensify worldwide conflicts. Already, about half of the world’s population are suffering the consequences of the climate crisis,especially those in the Global South who did not cause it. Therefore, we demand global solidarity and climate justice! We will not accept empty promises - the German government must increase their budget for international climate financing.

The German government must massively accelerate the eco-friendly energy transition now - the current plans are not enough! Additionally, we need socially equitable responses to rising energy prices, especially for the poorest of our society.  In an extreme situation like this, extraordinary action is needed. This includes a rapid investment program for 100 % renewables, for saving energy, for the heating transition and for a socially equitable traffic transition. All our efforts must be geared towards a climate-just world: without fossil energies and without war. Together, we raise our voices for climate justice, peace, human rights and democracy.

On Friday, March 25, we will take to the streets together with Fridays for Future. The protest and the demands of the students are vital to maintain the 1.5 degree limit. As climate activists, environmental, development, agricultural, human rights and social organisations, we stand with Fridays for Future in the global climate strike.

Through decentralised, corona-safe protests across the country, on March 25 people of all ages are demanding: Stop Coal, Oil and Gas - Stop the War!