Take to the streets together with Fridays for Future!

Global climate strike on September 20th

For months now, children and young people around the world have been striking with #FridaysForFuture, demanding real climate action and a future that isn’t defined by the climate crisis.

Their protests are more than justified. Bringing heat waves, droughts and floods, the climate crisis is already destroying the lives and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. It exacerbates existing inequalities and violates fundamental human rights. If global warming is not limited to below 1.5 degrees, there is a risk that a climate catastrophe can no longer be prevented. The German government has failed to deliver the kind of ambitious climate policy that is needed.

However, there is hope! The youth strikers have managed to put increasing pressure on decision-makers. The German government is set to announce its next steps on climate policy on September 20. It’s up to all of us to join #FridaysForFuture and support the global strike. If we stand together now, we can push the government to act. Hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets all over the world. We won’t allow for our shared future to be taken away from us!

To support the younger generation, we will join forces with #FridaysForFuture on September 20th. The students’ protests are necessary and their demands need to be met in order to prevent the climate crisis. This is why we are taking to the streets together with #FridaysForFuture for the global climate strike.

Join a demonstration in a town or city near you on 20th September! Together we will demand urgent climate action!


Here you can find a map and list of all demonstrations in Germany.